Poetry To Release Endorphins

Who Will Ever Love Me More Than She Does?

Together, Day and Night

Antonio Segovia, MD.
2 min readMay 27, 2023


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Every night she shows me how well she loves me,
Even though she never says it outright.
During the day, she’s distant and aloof,
But it doesn’t care because we’re together.
In this small space, we call our home.

Then, when the moment of truth gets here,
She transforms into a party all on her own.
Sleek, playful, and oh so mischievous.

Right after this,
The center of the earth trembles with its grace,
And the stars twinkle and shine with pure joy.

Just at this moment, the earthquake happens,
The lava inside of me erupts, and she takes it all in,
Just like always, as if it’s the first time.

Who will ever love me more than she does?

Spanish Version

Poesía y Endorfinas

¿Quién puede quererme, más que tú?



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