How a Cheap Commercial Idea Empowers People Who Enjoy Chatting in Line

The Power of Jumbo’s ‘Kletskassa’ Initiative

Antonio Segovia, MD.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

For many, shopping can be a mundane task. Being in the store, standing in line to pay, and then leaving with your purchase is a routine that rarely changes.

But what if shopping could be more than just buying groceries? Could it also be a way to combat loneliness and isolation?

That is precisely what Jumbo’s ‘Kletskassa’ initiative aims to do.

The ‘Kletskassa’ Initiative

Jumbo’s ‘Kletskassa’ initiative (which translates to “chatting checkout lane”) is an innovative concept that encourages customers to chat at the checkout lane instead of simply going through their routine shopping process.

Jumbo has opened unique routes in stores throughout the Netherlands where customers are encouraged to chat with other customers or store associates while waiting in line to pay for groceries.

The idea behind this initiative is that it will help combat loneliness and isolation by providing customers with an opportunity to connect with others while they shop.

Jumbo has implemented several features, such as music playing in the background and candy bowls at each checkout…



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