Artificial Intelligence: A Laughing Matter or Humanity’s Greatest Concern?

AI: A force for good or Herald of dystopia?

Antonio Segovia
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AI, a significant breakthrough for humanity, might be worse than the COVID pandemic or Climate Change, according to some experts, causing me to feel unsure whether to laugh or cry.

It’s enough to send me into an emotional rollercoaster of depression and mania, prompting me to consider scheduling a session with a psychologist. But, in all seriousness, the development of artificial intelligence has raised valid concerns and sparked intense debates.

AI is not typically associated with humor in most discussions. Still, Mo Gawdat’s recent comments on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential implications are no laughing matter. Gawdat said the AI debate is a more urgent crisis than climate change, as he shared on The Diary of a CEO podcast.

Gawdat argued that the rapid development of AI would result in “mass job losses” and that governments need to step in to regulate the technology. He proposed taxing AI-powered businesses at 98% to slow down the technology while providing enough money to pay for those affected by it. While this is an extreme measure, ensuring that AI is used responsibly and ethically is necessary.

Gawdat’s concerns about AI are not unique. Other experts have also warned about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk, who has described it as “summoning the demon.” While these warnings may seem, alarmist, they are based on legitimate fears about the potential misuse of AI and its implications for humanity.

Sam Altman, the leader of OpenAI, recently made an apocalyptic statement about artificial intelligence (AI). Altman has warned of AI’s potential danger to humanity in various world forums. He is mainly concerned with the success of his company’s product, ChatGPT.

Altman believes that if AI is not regulated correctly, it could have disastrous consequences. He has called for governments and organizations to take proactive steps in regulating AI technology and ensuring it is used responsibly.

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